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2018 Crown of the Carolinas- USAG
Friday, November 9, 2018 - Sunday, November 11, 2018
All teams that have 50 or more gymnasts (boys & girls) will receive a FREE 40 inch flat screen TV for attending the meet. ALL GYMNASTS AND COACHES WILL RECEIVE A FREE HOODIE FOR ATTENDING THE MEET!
Meet Details
Meet Date(s):
Friday, November 9, 2018 - Sunday, November 11, 2018
Regular Registration Dates:
Thursday, July 19, 2018 - Friday, September 28, 2018
Deadline Time Zone:
(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Late Registration Close Date:
Friday, November 9, 2018
Hosted By:
Thomas Gymnastics at the Beach
24 Spring St. SW,Concord 28025
ALL GYMNASTS AND COACHES WILL RECEIVE A FREE CROWN OF THE CAROLINAS SWEATSHIRT JUST FOR ATTENDING OUR MEET. All teams that have 50 or more gymnasts (boys & girls) will receive a FREE 40 inch flat screen TV for attending the meet. 100% individual awards (all events and all around). 100% Team banners. A King or Queen of the Meet will be awarded to the gymnast with the highest AA for each session. Come join over 1800 gymnasts from all over the world at one of the best gymnastics meets.
Online only
Refund Policy:
REFUND DEADLINE IS September 28th, 2018.
Meet Admission:
$15 per person weekend pass.
Meet Director:
Secondary Contact:
Competition Details
USA Gymnastics
Modified Capital Cup
All NEW AAI Equipment provided by Thomas Gymnastics Meet Supply.
Registration Limit:
No limit
Teams Allowed:
Levels and Fees:
GenderCategoryLevelFeeTeam FeeTeam MembersTeam Limited
FemaleGymnasticsLevel 1$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsLevel 10$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsLevel 10JE$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsLevel 2$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsLevel 3$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsLevel 4$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsLevel 5$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsLevel 6$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsLevel 7$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsLevel 8$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsLevel 9$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsXcel Bronze$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsXcel Diamond$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsXcel Gold$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsXcel Platinum$90.00$50.003False
FemaleGymnasticsXcel Silver$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsJunior Development 1$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsJunior Development 2$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 10$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 4 Division 1$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 4 Division 2$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 5 Division 1$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 5 Division 2$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 6 Division 1$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 6 Division 2$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 7 Division 1$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 7 Division 2$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 8$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 8JE$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 9$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsLevel 9JE$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsXcel Bronze$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsXcel Gold$90.00$50.003False
MaleGymnasticsXcel Silver$90.00$50.003False
Participating Gyms
Aiken Gymnastics
All-Star Athletics & Gymnastics
Brussell's Gymnastics
Carolina Flipz
East Tennessee Gymnastics
Empire Gymnastics
Enso Elite Gymnastics
First in Flight Gymnastics Academy Inc
Florence Gymnastics
Greenville Gymnastics Training Center
Gymnastics Center of Hartsville
Hahn's Gymnastics
Harris Chalkettes
Hilton Head Island Gymnastics
LemPossible Gymnastics & Cheer
PunchFront Gymnastics
Spartanburg Gymnastics Training Center
Team Attraction Gymnastics
Tri-County Gymnastics
Universal Elite Gymnastics
Upstate Gymnastics Center
WAKE Gymnastics
Yadkin Valley Gymnastics Academy
Meet Addmission: $15 per person weekend pass.
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